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Gentstudent APK has evolved into an advanced social media application specially designed for students, standing out in a market saturated with generic social platforms. From the beginning, the app was founded with a clear vision: to empower students by providing them with a platform that respects their privacy and strengthens their voices. Unlike mainstream social media channels, it is specifically for students in the Netherlands, Belgium, and soon worldwide.

The app connects tech-savvy youth who value digital freedom and want to overcome the limitations of traditional social networks. Focused on a student audience, the Gentstudent App has tapped into a vibrant community that craves a space that resonates with their dynamic lifestyles and values. This platform not only supports interaction between students but also respects the nuances of university life and offers a mix of social networks and educational resources that are missing from other platforms.

Gentstudent APP APK Download


Gentstudent APK is a social networking application specially designed for students. The goal is to provide a safe and engaging platform for students to connect with their peers, share educational resources, participate in group discussions, and more. The app is designed to foster a sense of community among students and help them build meaningful relationships and support each other in their academic endeavors.

Comparing Gentstudent to traditional social media highlights its unique status. While other platforms commercialize user data and prioritize content through opaque algorithms, it supports a user-centric approach. This philosophy particularly appeals to students from Flemish universities who are concerned about how their online activities are monitored and used by companies. By providing an unfiltered space, the Gentstudent App is not just another app, but a step towards more meaningful digital interactions between students.

Gentstudent APK Download

Features of Gentstudent APK

Academic Networking

Gentstudent APK facilitates academic networking by allowing students to connect with colleagues from their institution or other universities. This feature is invaluable for sharing resources, discussing curriculum, and creating study groups.

Programs and activities

The app includes a calendar feature that allows students to organize and participate in academic and extracurricular events. From study sessions to campus events, Gentstudent ensures students stay up-to-date.

Sharing of resources

A special feature of Gentstudent is the ability to share resources. Students can upload and share notes, past exam papers, and study materials, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Communication and communication

It offers a robust messaging system that supports both private messaging and group chats. This ensures seamless communication, whether you need to discuss a project with classmates or ask a friend a quick question.

Job and internship opportunities

it works with various companies to list relevant job and internship opportunities for students. This facility helps bridge the gap between education and industry and makes it easier for students to find relevant professional experience.

User profile

Students can create a detailed profile that showcases their academic achievements, skills, and interests. Not only does it help with networking, but it also serves as an online resume for potential employers.

Gentstudent APP Download


Q: Is this available for free?

Yes, this is available as a free app for Android, iOS, and PC.

Q: How do I register with Gentstudent?

You can sign up with your email address or through a social media account like Facebook or Google.

Q: Is there a Gentstudent APK app for PC?

Yes, it is available for PC, so students can access their network and resources from any device.

Q: Can I use GentStudent without an internet connection?

It requires an Internet connection to access its features and connect with other users.


Gentstudent APK is a remarkable social networking platform specially designed to meet the needs of students. With its user-friendly interface, educational resource-sharing features, and many other features, it offers a comprehensive solution for students who want to enhance their educational experience.


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